Course Requirements

Hello Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to be together with you and to share with you the MOOC titled “21st Century with 21 Digital Competencies”. Our course, which will provide the opportunity to interact with the exchange of experience beyond knowledge transfer, will start on 7th February  2022 and will have been completed on 28 February 2022. It has 6 modules including introduction. The following module will be accessible at 23:00 on the last day of the previous module.You can see the course program in the image below.



Aims of the Course

  1. Learn about DigComp 2.1 and the European Digital Action Plan.
  2. Learn information and data literacy competences.
  3. Learn communication and cooperation competences.
  4. Learn digital content creation competences.
  5. Learn security competencies.
  6. Learn problem-solving competences.


Our course consists of 6 modules. Within each module, you are expected to complete the training, perform the module tasks, successfully pass the module-end exams, and participate in the webinars to be organized. By meeting these requirements, you will be entitled to receive a certificate.

The deadline to complete all modules and tasks is February 28, 2022, 23:59.


Communication, Collaboration and Dissemination

Communication and cooperation in the flexible-time working process, where you can progress at your own learning pace, will be provided through our professional development community prepared for the participants on Facebook. You can click the link to join our Facebook group.


We also expect you to share your thoughts on education on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #21DIY21C.

Course Staff




Course Alert Images

Until the end of the course, “Reminder Images” will be used to describe the work in the module. All images and their descriptions are highlighted in the image below.




Course Introduction Module Tasks

  1. Join our Facebook group.
  2. Create your avatar according to the instructions below.

We expect our colleagues participating in our training to create an avatar that reflects themselves. Here is an example tool you can use to create an avatar:

  1. Bitmoji :
  2. Avatarmaker:
  3. Doppelme:


  1. Share a “Hello to Participants” post in our Facebook group using the avatar you created. Write positive feedback on at least 3 of the other contributor posts.

4.Share 1 post on your social media accounts that reflects your pre-course thoughts using the avatar you created and the hashtag #21DIY21C.

  1. Add the avatar you created and share on the padlet wall below according to the instructions.


We expect you to introduce yourself on the “Padlet” interactive wall by adding the avatar picture you created. Pay particular attention to the fact that in your promotional post, “Your Name and Surname, the Country, Your Branch and a few sentences about yourself”


Padlet ile yapıldı

We thank you for your active participation and contributions, and wish you good luck in your work.