Module 5: Safety


In the DigComp Framework, the Safety is the fourth key competence area  and consists of 4 sub-competences.


Within the scope of the security digital competence area, individuals are expected to be aware of digital technologies for their devices, content, personal data and privacy, to protect physical and psychological health, social welfare and social inclusion in digital environments, and to be aware of the environmental effects and uses of digital technologies.

4.1 Protecting devices

At this level of competence, it is necessary to protect devices and digital content, to understand the risks and threats in digital environments, to be knowledgeable about safety and security measures and to show due respect for reliability and privacy. Individuals are aware of the benefits of the digital world and the risks they may face and they have the necessary knowledge and skills to protect themselves from possible online risks.

4.2 Protecting personal data and privacy

As technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives, the concept of personal privacy has begun to be addressed from different perspectives such as the protection of personal data in the digital world and personal privacy in internet environments. At this level of competence, people need to be able to protect personal data in digital environments, be aware of online risks and know the importance of privacy. Persons with this competence are aware of online risks and should be able to take necessary security measures against risks and should be able to protect themselves and others from the harms of the digital world. They need to know to what extent and how personal information will be shared on digital platforms, social media channels or related digital media. However, they may understand that digital services use a “Privacy Policy” to report how personal data is used.

4.3 Protecting health and well-being

While using digital technologies and platforms, physical and psychological health problems may arise. Individuals are expected to know the health problems arising from using digital technologies, to use digital technologies in a balanced way, and to avoid uses that may adversely affect their physical and psychological health. One of the possible dangers in digital environments is cyberbullying. At this competence level, individuals are also expected to be aware of digital technologies for social well-being and social inclusion.


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4.4 Protecting the environment

Individuals with this level of proficiency are expected to be aware of the environmental impacts and uses of digital technologies. Individuals are knowledgeable about the structure and functioning of the digital world and as a user in the digital world, they are aware of the benefits of using these environments and the risks they may encounter. It is expected to use digital platforms, environments and tools in a balanced way not to harm themselves and their environment  without being dependent on digital technologies and the internet.


*You can examine how a sub-digital competency is leveled at the security competency level from the visual


eTwinning Projects in the Context of the DigComp Safety Competence



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Module Task

  1. Prepare a poster describing the beneficial and harmful aspects of internet environments and share it in the Facebook group!

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