During Creative Writing

At the time of writing, the student accounts for the external reality in his surroundings, while expressing his inner world. Writing in this context involves difficulties arising from mental, cognitive, grammatical problems. In order to overcome these difficulties, the student should be encouraged to write no matter how much grammar and imputation mistakes they have made while writing, and to encourage the students to be continuously overcome with these feedbacks. The originality of the opinions expressed by the students in the text should be kept in the foreground.


As a matter of fact, the research results of Ülper (2011: 280-300) on this issue support this view. Accordingly, students are asked to provide feedback in the most suggestive, encouraging, and praiseworthy manner on the draft texts they write. They want to receive one-on-one feedback from their teachers and they want to receive feedback on their creativity the most. They also want to receive frequent feedback on spelling and punctuation (Ülper, 2011: 280-300).