What is Creative Writing?

What is Creative Writing?

From the end of the seventies in writing education, the creative writing approach has begun to be considered as an alternative activity (Bothe, 1998: 1371-1372). Today, creative writing activities are taught in universities in America and European countries (İpşiroğlu, 2008: 7).

Abraham (1998: 19-36) doubts how creative writing activities can help overcome these difficulties due to the approach of writing in his mother tongue education, but he agrees with the idea that creative writing activities have put the individual’s writing arousal into action.

İpşiroğlu emphasizes that it is not to educate writers with the aim of creative writing activities, but to mobilize the authorship by providing a working environment in which the individual can hear his own voice and discover his / her creative sneakiness (İpşiroğlu, 2008: 6-9). “Without exception, everyone has come to the world with creative talent. It is very important to give people the opportunity to tell themselves “(Egri, 1996: 11).

Apart from this, it is also important to include activities that will make the student more effective and allow the four basic language skills to be taken together. For example, vocalization of written texts will also support speech, reading and listening skills (Cybinski, Neugebauer, and Schiller: 2004; Kanliöz: 2006).

Bulkowski (1974) pointed out that student texts are not given the necessary preconceptions, but draws attention to the fact that the developmental characteristics of writing skills can be examined by compiling student texts. It is stated that the child can benefit from the world of imagination and the ability to tell stories (Bulkowski, 1974: 8-35) in order for writing skills to be supported from a young age.

Creative writing activities are considered as an alternative activity that can attract the interest of the students and enhance their writing on writing. For this, we need to prepare the student for the writing process.