MTFIC – About This Course

The Mobile Tools for Inclusive Classrooms course introduces teachers to the Microsoft Translator and Office Lens tools. This course is designed to help educators leverage these apps to meet the needs of diverse learners in the classroom. Inclusive classrooms aim to serve the needs of all students, regardless of background, identity, or academic skillset. These intentional learning environments leverage flexible content delivery, provide targeted instruction, and encourage student reflection and ownership. Tools such as Microsoft Translator and Office Lens can enhance teachers’ current efforts to meet diverse needs within inclusive classrooms. 
This Inclusive Classrooms course is for:

  1. Teacher trainers
  2. School site or district administrators
  3. School-based IT specialists, or
  4. Anyone who runs tech-based professional development for teachers

What’s included
Inside the Presenter and Participants’ packages below, you’ll find all the materials you need to facilitate a collaborative teacher training session. We’ve also included a Support Library for future learning. Download everything, or pick and choose based on your school or district’s needs.

How to use the course platform

Please watch the video and follow the steps explained in the video for a seamless course study time. There is no a defined time fot the course ansd so you can continue learning ant your own pace. For the possible questions about the course you get get in touch with the course expert and moderator at


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