MTFIC – Modüle 1 – Work PLan


Inclusive classrooms aim to serve the needs of all students, regardless of background, identity, or academic skillset. These intentional learning environments leverage flexible content delivery, provide targeted instruction, and encourage student reflection and ownership. Tools such as Microsoft Translator and Office Lens can enhance teachers’ current efforts to meet diverse needs within inclusive classrooms.

If you are planning to train the teachers in your community, you can use this training plan.


Display the slide instructing participants to download Microsoft Translator and Office Lens to their mobile devices. This serves as a reminder for those who did not have a chance to do this prior to training.

Essential Questions

• What is possible when you work through language barriers to communicate effectively with students and families? • What could you accomplish if you could easily create digital content – without the help of the photocopier?

• “Do you experience language barriers with students and families?” • “Do you use paper-based resources that you wish were digital?”

Introduce MS Translator & Office Lens
• Allows communication in just about any language with various members of the school community .

• Allows educators to quickly and easily create digital content
• Play video MS Translator in Education.

Office Lens
Introduce MS Translator & Office Lens (Continued)
Explain, Explore, Experience

Microsoft Translator

Explain: How to use each of the four buttons on the MS Translator app’s home screen. Explore: (Circulate and provide assistance as needed) • Participants use the app on their own devices and practice using each of the four core buttons on the home screen. Experience: Prompt participants to: • Get with a partner or into small groups

. • Find the questions posted around the room.

• Use MS Translator to scan the question and translate into English.

• Discuss and answer questions once translated.

• Move on to each question and repeat the discussion process.

Office Lens

Explain: • View Office Lens video. • Talk about Office Lens features. Explore: (Circulate and provide assistance as needed) • Ask participants to open the Office Lens app on their devices and try turning one of their handouts into a digital version.
• • Allows educators to quickly and easily create digital content
• Play video MS Translator in Education.


• Pass out a printed handout that is text-based. • Participants use Office Lens to turn it into a Word document (ex: .docx). • Participants save it to OneDrive or email it to themselves. • Participants use a device to open that new Word document and edit it.


Quiet reflection

Review Essential Questions. • Prompt: “Now that you have learned about MS Translator and Office Lens, take some time to reflect on how these apps will enhance your classroom and professional practice.”

Evaluate Complete survey
• Prompt participants to complete exit ticket Microsoft Forms Survey using laptop or mobile device. Provide the link or allow participants to access via QR code in the Slide Deck.
• Discuss in small groups. • Ask for a few examples to be shared with the whole group.