eTweb 2.0 – Web 2.0 Tools in eTwinning Projects

In this course, you will learn how to use 2.0 web tools effectively through eTwinning projects with unique problem-based scenarios that will help you understand how to choose the best Web 2.0 tool for your needs. You’ll take place in a robust exchange of practical ideas while participating in online discussion on Facebook, sharing your experiences, and learning from fellow […]

Endüstri 4.0-Eğitim İlişkisi

Bu öğrenme etkinliği, 4. Sanayi devrimiyle birlikte büyük bir değişim ve dönüşüm yaşayan ve gittikçe dijitalleşen dünyada,bu gelişmeleri anlamak,gelişmelerin tarihsel sürecine kısaca göz atmak ve endüstrideki  üst düzey teknolojik gelişmelerin neler olduğunu ve  eğitim ilişkisini ele almaktadır. Bu kurs Gökhan ARIKAN ve Ünsal SAPER tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

Augmented Reality

Augment reality is a new technology which has a great potential in the classroom. Applications provide opportunities to enrich the actual physical environment with digital environment tools such as audio, image, video, etc. And this make the AR technology a useful training tool for educators. This course consist of four main chapters containg what an […]


In this course, you’ll learn the basics of gamification and how this powerful new design trend will affect your classroom from a practical, semi-academic perspective. This introductory course requires no prerequisites. By taking this course you will; Understand the basics of gamification Learn how engagement science will transform your classroom Begin to form a vision […]

Technology Integration into Education with SAMR Model

The SAMR model is one of the methods, which is used to integrate technology into educational environments. The model is developed by American school researcher, Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura. This model of Puentedura is deemed necessary for teachers to identify the tools they can use to innovate their lessons. This course contains several resources about […]