Project Documentation

Project Documentation – How to present project activities and outcomes in Twinspace. This course was inspired by my e-Twinning partners who worked very hard on project activities, but sometimes didn’t really know what to do with the materials they gathered. I often was getting emails asking for help. [su_quote]I don’t know how to upload my […]

eTwinning School Label

  eTwinning School Label; It is a practice that has started to upgrade the influence of eTwinning practices on school policies and the chances of these practices being taken into account, to recognize and appreciate the collaborative and self-sacrificing works of eTwinners, teacher teams and school leaders in the same school. By eTwinning school Label […]

Active and Digital Citizenship in eTwinning Projects

Rapid developments in technology cause incredible changes in the world. Innovations occur for our future every second and technology offers us innovations every moment. Admittedly, technology is a magnificent force when considered in this context. However, great powers must bring great responsibilities with them, otherwise the abuse of power will have negative consequences for our […]