Project Planning

Planning has got a significant role in any kind of the project. It enables better coordination among partner schools, helps in decision making and improves the efficiency of the project work.
During this course, we will explore how to find the inspiration for your new projects and where and how to find ‘perfect’ project partners. We will also discuss all the planning stages like: setting project goals, planning project activities and outcomes, using the web 2.0 tool and evaluation of your and your students work. At the end, we will learn how to apply for a new project in e-Twinning Live platform.

Project Based Learning

In this course, participants will have conceptual knowledge about project-based learning (PBL) and learn the steps to apply in project planning, implementation and evaluation processes, and methods and tools that can be used to manage them. The duration of the course is 3 hours, with video lectures, quizzes and additional work.