About Course Requirements and Instructors

Countries have been preparing for the digital industrial revolution.This industrial development,called the fourth industrial revolution,in which we are at the initial phase of it in the current years, have already started to make its impact feel on our lives with its brand new technologies such as lights-out factories, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT),3D printers,cloud computing and  big data.

In today’s world where a rapid digital transformation is taking place, education is expected to keep pace with this change and play an important role in this transformation process.

In this training, we will first examine the industrial adventure of mankind in the process up to Industry 4.0 and then we will  go around the relationship between Industry 4.0 and Education.


The training consists of five modules.

Module 1: Brief History of Industrial Revolutions

Module 2: Why Industry 4.0?

Module 3: Industry 4.0 Sub-Technologies

Module 4: Industry-Education Relationship

Module 5: Education 4.0

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