Module 1-The Brief History of Industrial Revolutions


Industry 1.0

The first industrial revolution began in the middle of the 18th century in Great Britain with the use of steam and water power in the industry.However,machinery was replaced by machinery by replacing muscle strength in the history of mankind for the first time and production was moved from homes or small enterprises to factories.


 Industry 2.0

Industry 2.0 refers to the changes and transformations that took place in the industrial and social spheres that began after the second half of the 19th century and lasted until the first world war. In this period, the use of electricity in the industry brought mass production, and especially commencing  the mass production in automotive sector  with the initiative of American automobile manufacturer Henry Ford early 1900s stands out as the most important developments of this period.


Industry 3.0

Industry 3.0 is a period  called the information technologies era. As a result of the rapid developments in electronics and information and communication technologies after the second world war, the automation period started in the industry in the early 1970s and production started to be digitized. It was the period when computers robotic industry,new energy sources such as nuclear, natural gas and renewable energies were being used.In this period, information was  acknowledgedd as the most basic element, and the increase and dissemination of information has led to the phenomenon of globalization.




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