Module 4-Industry-Education Relationship

Education systems, which have a dynamic structure, must integrate with other systems forming societies. In order to make sense of the relationship between Industry 4.0  and education, it is necessary to examine the basic functions of education.Education has social, philosophical, political, individual and economic functions. Teachers need to shape their teaching processes based on these functions. Among these functions, the main purpose of education, especially in the context of society and economy, can be defined as raising the qualified human resources for individuals to gain knowledge and skills that will contribute to the economy through qualified and continuous education for the welfare and strong economic driving force of the country. Based on this definition, it is important that teachers preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s labor market are aware of the facts and requirements of the century. In a rapidly digitalizing world and in a period called Industry 4.0, change necessitates a serious transformation not only in the field of industry, but also in education as well as in all segments of society.


We can say that theeducation has experienced similar transformations in accordance with the historical development of the industry.

Along with Industry 4.0, the definition of education 4.0, which has not been put forward before, has been put forward and 4 important change processes have been defined in the context of education-industry relationship.




Education 1.0 can be defined as an understanding of education, where knowledge that can meet the needs of the agricultural community is transferred from teacher to student through concepts. It is a teacher-centered period in which the student follows and imitates the teacher and new methods, techniques and approaches are needed in education.




In the period,in which transformation in the content of education occurs, education has undertaken the task of developing the technologies that industrial organizations and business life needed



It is the period in which digital media started to be used in education systems, and information-oriented and self-learning emerged. Accordingly, it is a period in which international education systems affect each other under the motto of society which produces information as reflections of computer-aided and face-to-face education.




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