Modüle 2-Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 refers to the latest technological level of industry. Industry 4.0 is a term that describes technologies such as intelligent factories, cyber-physical systems, internet of things, autonomous robots, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, augmented reality, 3D printers, and expresses a rapid digital transformation in both industrial and social life.We are in the first phase of this new era where robotic technologies, artificial intelligence and automation technologies will be effective in production systems and technological developments will lead to significant changes in people’s lives.



With Industry 4.0, it is envisaged that some occupations will no longer exist, and new occupations that will meet the needs of the day and the requirements of new technologies will emerge: Some of these occupations are:


-Industrial Data Science

-Industrial User Interface Designing

-Industrial Computer Programming

-Data Security Expertise

-Wearable Technology Designing

-IoT Solution Architecture

-Robot Coordinatorship

– Cloud Computing Expertise

-3D Printer Engineering