2.Project Planning Process

Dear Participants,

In this part,you may find some basic information and tips concerning the project planning process.We are going to go into this part under the title of” Innovative Approach” and “Cooperation and Communication.”




In which topic would you like to launch an eTwinning project?Do you already have a project idea?Is your project idea a motvation one that will appeal to you and your students or even your colleagues ,who you think you will be cooperating with?Can the project easily integrate into the international school curriculum?




What is the field you intend to start a project on?Why do you need it?What do you want to try?Think about it!

If you don’t have a project idea yet,why don’t you have a look at eTwinning ready made project  kits and award-winning  project examples?


In eTwinning main portal you can find  and review the example of award-winning projects that will inspire you.

Your project idea should be original in pedagogical and methodological aspects. You may make a project in the scope of school curriculum and may  focuse on untested idea which has not been tried by previous eTwinning projects,or  you can design a project that will focus on a topic that has already been projected and take a brand new creative approach.

Try to create a pedagogically innovative project.In order to develop a project that canbe evalauted as innovative,it is necessary first to choose a topic that can be used with original and different pedagogical methods.


Tip:While desgining your project,consider the European eTwinning Prize Categories and the project evalaution criteria of those categories.