European Prizes



There are there different prize categories supported by the European Commission according to student age levels for the eTwinning projects.The runner up projects are also awarded in the age categories.Therefore 6 prizes are given in total each year in the main categories.

*Age category up to 6

*4-11 age category

   *12-15 age category

    *16-19 age categoty


* 2019 Year eTwinning Prizes  15-19 Age Category Winner “In Sight In Mind



eTwinning Special Prize Categories

In addition to the main category of eTwinning Awards, there are a number of special categories supported by other organizations in eTwinning countries. If your project content overlaps with the content of any of the following categories, you can apply for one of those special categories as well as the main categories.





The Spanish Language Prize (Given to the best projects in which Spanish language is used as the main language of communication and the project is focused on teaching Spanish with an innovative method)





French Language Prize (Given to the projects in which French language is used as the main language of communication and the project is focused on teaching French with an innovative method)




Marie Skłodowska Curie Prize (The best projects are awarded in science and math fields.It is supported by the Polish eTwinning National Support Service.


* 2014 Year Marie Sklodowska Curie Prize – Winning project: R.I.V.E.R – Research Inside and Verify the Environmental Risk


Yunus Emre Prize for Humanism and Intercultural Understanding(Given to the best projects that promote cultural  awareness and understanding religiously and ethnically among different cultures.It is supported by the Turkish National Support Service.)



The English Language Prize (The Contest and the Language.It is given to the best projects which teaches a topic in the curriculum in the English language. The prize which addresses for students in the 10-15 age group is supported by the British Cultural Association.)




German Language   Prize (It is sponsored by the eTwinning National Support Service in Germany. It intends to provide a special incentive to all eTwinning partnerships, which use German as a project language, either to help them learn German as a foreign language or as a second language.)





Mediterrenean Prize (It is given to the best projects which deals with the Mediterrenean Sea,its environment,history,culture,diet,tourism and all related topics.)





Peyo Yavarov Prize( It is given to the projects which encourages a love of reading among young people.It is supported by Bulgarian National Support Service.)


Citizenship Prize (Prize sponsored by France and Germany)


Mediterranean Prize (Prize sponsored by the National Support Services of Greece, Cyprus, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Albania and Croatia)



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