Twinspace Activities-2




One of the factors that enhance the quality of an e-Twinning project is that technology is used reasonably, consciously and creatively. A quality eTwinning project is also a project that can use modern technologies creatively and innovatively. There are many free ICT tools available to help you achieve the  pedagogical objectives of your project.You can use safe web tools together with your students by specifying the web tools that best suit the project activities.



Tip: Disseminate your project beyond the virtual classroom. Find a way to make dissemination of your project activities and project products across the school and other related communities.


Another factor that will enhance the quality of the project is that it leaves impact on parents, other schools and similar communities  except for partner schools.

In the pedagogical sense, the impact of the project on students, teachers and the whole school community as well as other educational environments and the disseminating of project results is an indispensable element for the project to become a high-level one.




In this sense, you can use school websites, invite your parents and other educational entities to your project exhibitions,and get your project  be on local TV or in newspapers.




* Watch the video related to the impact of on the eTwinning project on the students.

Your project   should have the potential to perform the virtual mobility at the highest level.Quality eTwinning projects are  the ones that can achieve a great interaction among the partner schools in the field of communication. Make sure that your project activities are conducted in such a way that require a high level of interaction with all of the teachers and students.The existence of high level communication between Twinspace members is an important mark of success in terms of the quality of the project.




Be attentive to  to the  publishing rights of the the relevant resources and of the e-security aspects of your students while uploading content to your Twinspace.Please note that your project will also be evaluated from these angles.All the project applications must be made in accordance with European copyright treaties. You can use short quotes by explicitly specifying the source of the content you will publish in your project .




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