3.Innovative Approch



Be innovative.Use your imagination.eTwinning is a field where you can use your imagination effectively.Your project must be the one  that has the potential to improve the creativity of your students and have a high level of collaboration between in schhol and partner schools and address many different aspect of the education.Take into account this  in project planning process.

You cannot think of the eTwinning project that you are going to run independently of your school’s educational goals.When you plan your project make sure that you choose a topic  from your school curriculum.Integrate you project as making it a part of the teaching program.A quality project must be compatible with the curriculum,objective and the achievements of the relevant teaching program.In this sense,the project should be included in the lesson plans and the activities should be implemented during the course and so become part of the course schedule.It may show the power and the quality of the project.The involvement of the other subjects teachers into the project is also important in the way of being a part  the school life.


Integrate in the the Curriculum


curriculum1-300x242Tip:Make sure that the objectives of your project are clear and understandable.Make sure the project achievements are  integrated with the achievements of the relevant course  and the project achievements are  masterfully incorporated in the curriculum.

When you plan your project,consider the age group and school facilities of your students.

Also the number of participating schools that will be included in the project is one of the important factors in the creation of an quality eTwinning project.


As the number of the partner schools in the project increase ,you may have problems in your project in the way of important eTwinning project evaluation criteria such as collaboration and communication .


Tip: Set out  your project journey with a number of partners that you can make high-level coordination and communication in your project.