Part 3: Project End Process

Dear Participants, welcome to the third part. In this part, you can find information about the work that needs to be done at the end of the project.


Make sure that you share  all of your project outputs to have been created throughout the project  in the Twinspace and that the various sources such as audio, video and presentation related to the project are available clearly, understandably under the correct title.




Tip: Act out as the jury and check your project for the last time according to the criteria of quality  label.Make sure your project outputs were published  clearly and understandablly in the Twinspace.

One of the issues that raises the quality of an eTwinning project is the evaluation phase of the project.

After each activity is completed, it must be continuously assessed by the students and teachers on the project with different assessment tools such as online quizzes, questionnaires or interviews.

Tip: Ensure that your project activities are regularly assessed by all teachers and students. A successful evaluation process will improve the quality of your project and help you understand the impact of the project on students and teachers.




If you have completed the steps on project planning, execution and project end-of-work which we have studied in this online education,it is time to submit  your  project  for the “National Quality Label” from your eTwinning Live for the first step to take you to the European awards.






This part has been completed. In order to pass the fourth part, you have to answer the questions correctly  in the ‘Quiz’ at the end of the chapter. For the quiz, please click on the “Take the Quiz” button in the upper left corner. Good luck!