Dear Participants, welcome to the online education titled eTwinning Award Way.The education involves four main parts.You have to complete all the parts by answering all the questions correctly  to be able to get a certificate from this education.I wish you a great success in your projects in the way of increasing the project quality in your current or future projects.

eTwining European Award Way


Are you planning a new eTwinning project or alreday carrying out a n eTwinning project?If so it means that you are an innovative and creative person who  is aimed at equipping your students with up to date knowledge and maket hem  exchange information with others in the largest community for schools in Europe.

By implementing an eTwinning project,you make a special contribution to the developments of the education through the innavotaive project practices .The dissemination of the good practices and new approaches you apply and recognation  on national and international leverl  is one of the objectives of eTwinning action.Each project may include innovative practices and approaches and inspiring  collaborative results whatever the the subject and scope of it.

You may  be awarded with the national quality label on national level and European quality label on European level in order to introduce and disseminate the good practices and finally achieve success and get high level recognition internationally by getting  an eTwinning European Award.

You can achieve success and recognition internationally by capturing the national quality label at the national level, the European Quality Label at the European level, and finally the eTwinning European Award for high recognition in order to introduce and disseminate these good practices within the context of the progeny that you conduct.

In this online education,we are going to go through the steps under the three headings which will lead you to create a high level eTwinning project  in order to win a European Prize.

a)Project Planning

b)Project Implementation

c)Final Project Period


* Watch the video on the eTwinning award ceremony held in Brussels in May,2014.


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